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ITPN does not acknowledge illegal suggestions beyond proven business bonds. Protecting the interests of our present clients and us we have to deal with the issue of submissions of the type with immense care. Crucially, without clarity in a business bonding, ITPN will not deal with any such proposals confidentially. Therefore, we urge you not to relay unlawful suggestions to ITPN using this website. Any proposals divulged to ITPN beyond a business relationship that is not pre-existing, documented, and confidential ITPN thus can create, use and freely divulge or publish such suggestions without any compensation to you or providing accounts to you. ITPN will be making every effort reasonably to revert or obliterate any unlawful suggestions without a thorough review. Nonetheless, if a review is required it is ITPN's choice alone, with the knowledge that ITPN undertakes no responsibility to safeguard the privacy of your suggestion or reimburse you for its divulgence or use. By submitting a suggestion or any other thorough proposal to ITPN using this website, you concur to be duty-bound by the provisions of this said rule.




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