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Have you factored security into your DevOps framework?

ITPN helps organizations institutionalize the DevOps framework (build poly-skilled teams; adopt agile delivery; establish tight integration and interdisciplinary collaboration; introduce right tools; implement continuous integration and continuous delivery techniques and drive extensive automation) to achieve top quartile performance in the quality of the product, speed and cost. Enterprise DevSecOps - We take a holistic approach to infuse security as part of the software development lifecycle, DevOps framework, and culture.

DevOps solutions Offerings

  • Agile and DevSecOps Strategy
  • Organization and Team Building
  • DevOps Operating Models-Shared / Centralized / Microservice
  • Infrastructure as Service
  • Deployment and Configuration Management
  • Source Code Management
  • Build and Release Management
  • Code Quality
  • Lifecycle Management and Compliance
  • Test Management
  • Data and Integration Management
  • Automation across technical stack-Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment

DevSecOps engineering Offerings


  • if we do X, will it mitigate Y?
  • Capacity Forecasting Plan
  • Threat modelling-> Back log items
  • Analyze/Predict-> Back log items

Develop Code/Tests

  • Static/IAST analysis
  • Abuse case tests
  • Code reviews


  • Break the build
  • Code analysis Test
  • Common abuse cases

Validate More

  • Pen Testing
  • Compliance validation (PCI etc.)
  • Fuzzing


  • Restore/Maintain Services for non attack usage

Configure & Deploy

  • Configuration validation
  • Feature Toggles/Traffic
  • Shaping configuration


  • Log information for after incident analysis


  • Intrusion detection
  • App attack detection


  • RASP autorespond
  • Rollback or toggle off
  • Block attackers
  • Shut down services


  • Incident root causes
  • New attack surfaces
  • Plan to update Threat Model

Automation Service Offering

  • Analytics and AI based decision making
  • Business process automation
  • Robotic process automation
  • Infrastructure technical stack automation
  • SDLC process improvement
  • Self-help
  • Self-healing
  • Service Optimization and modernization
  • Customer experience enhancement


  • Strategy and planning
  • Framework and Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Tools




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