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"Innovation happens when ingenious ideas can significantly amplify the ability to produce maximum business impact and value."

The purpose of creating an ITPN research, experimentation, excellence, and experience (R3E+) innovation lab is to boost our capabilities to economically offer ingenious leading-edge solutions to our customers from idea generation to their systematic implementation. This innovation lab will also be our organization where ideas flourish and new products like MyGenie are born.

The creation of (R3E+) innovation lab will be one of the most important channels to enable the ITPN teams to deliver specific expertise and extraordinary business results at the lowest possible cost. The physical or virtual space will be bestowed to help ITPN stay on the cutting-edge of its industry to achieve higher revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

"ITPN innovation lab will offer a framework for using creativity and experimentation to build new solutions that achieve a specific set of business outcomes. This can be anything from creating new products, to entering a new market, to improving business effectiveness and employee engagement," says Amit Dutta

R3E+ Lab


  • Creating Customer Specific Business Aligned Technology Focused IT Solutions.
  • Building Practical Proof of Concept (POC) and Pilot Projects on Cutting Edge Technologies like Automation, Instrumentation, Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI and Machine Learning etc. That can be Systemically Adopted by Our Customers to Meet Their Current and Future Needs.
  • Regulatory Audits and Assessments (Apps Portfolio, Infrastructure, Cloud, Production Operations, Cybersecurity, ITIL, Business Risk, Third Party Risk, Data Risks, and more.)
  • Lead Modernization, Rationalization and Optimization Programs.
  • Create end to end Architectural Blueprints Holistically Integrating the Entire Technical Stack, Inclusive Of Security Considerations. This helps Our Customers to Achieve Standardization, Deliver High Quality and Speediness at Reduced Cost.
  • Develop Industry Leading Best Practices to Deliver Top Performance and Business Impactful Results.
  • Build Solution Accelerators (Useful Gadgets, Code Regularization, Common Functionality Utilities, Tools and Innovative Techniques).
  • Talent Transformation Skill Upgradation Training Programs.


  • Industry Specific Domain Experts
  • Business Solution Architects
  • Technical Solution Architects
  • Business & System Analysts
  • Research & Development Engineers
  • Program & Project Managers


  • No upfront stand-up investments required
  • Respond Fast to Evolving Market Trends, Customer Journey and Their Consumption Patterns
  • Instant Access to Top Engineering Talent, Industry-Aligned-Technology- Focused Competencies, Modern Infrastructure, Training Facilities and Pool of Skilled Resources to Allow You the Ability to Quickly Scale
  • Research and Experiment Ingenious Ideas and Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Build and Test Proof of Concepts at Minimal Cost
  • Leverage Wealth of Industry Leading Best Practices, Proven Assets, and Solution Accelerators
  • Systematically Institutionalize and Implement Technology Solutions¬†
  • Get More Done at Significantly Lower Cost




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