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Are you struggling to secure your applications?

Challenges in Application Security and in Creating Secure Code: The majority of security engineers, operations, and managers migrate from the network or infrastructure side of the business. This shift results in having a wealth of knowledge of components like firewalls, routers, IDS, IPS, anti-virus, and web servers, but little academic to no knowledge of how an application security strategy is developed and practically implemented. The 2015 SANS application security survey found that every organization continues to struggle with managing and securing web and mobile apps. Most breaches resulted from badly coded applications and configuration-induced vulnerabilities. Also, there are management challenges around commercial third-party applications and applications hosted in the public cloud. IT Security being addressed as afterthought is not an option anymore as the business risk associated to security is enormous.

Our-leading edge proprietary Integrated AppDefense framework offers a holistic application security framework to design the right technical architecture to learn and implement secure coding best practices, detect vulnerabilities through scans across technology and infrastructure stack early in the product development lifecycle and then apply the right protection to remediate threats at all levels.

AppDefense framework is tightly integrated to accelerated agile methodology. It extensively uses new age development and automation techniques, tools, continuous integration, and deployment processes to release highly secure products at speed with high quality and low cost. AppDefense framework is also designed to consistently monitor the evolution of vulnerabilities and improve its posture to effectively offer adequate protection to modern applications.

Service Offerings

  • Application security architecture
  • Secure code best practices
  • Threat Modelling
  • Threat Analysis
  • Code quality reviews
  • Vulnerability Scanning-Manual/Automated(SAST,DAST,IAST)
  • Threat Remediation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Training


  • Application security architects
  • AppSec Solution engineers
  • Tools experts




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