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The importance of hiring Expert Security Consultants to manage the complex cybersecurity spectrum in 2023

The frequency of cyberattacks have increased exponentially over the last three years. Along with the complexity of the nature of cyberattacks, the number of industries at risk have also doubled. This has become a major reason of concern for industry leaders. The complexity of corporate infrastructure has increased significantly due to the inclusion of hybrid work models, mobile devices and IoT. To meet the rapidly evolving challenges, enterprises need to rely on expert cybersecurity consultants who would demonstrate the ability to respond quickly to cybersecurity incidents.

  • Understanding the Core Principles

    The enterprise security architecture is a framework to offer 360-degree protection to an enterprise against potential threats.

  • The Benefits of Enterprise Security Architecture

    As an organization, Enterprise Security Architecture principle helps to:

  1. Enhance Operational Efficiency
  2. Enable interoperability with IT Infrastructure and other existing integrations
  3. Design Enterprise Security Solutions irrespective of company size
  • The 3 pillars of Enterprise Architecture Management are:

  1. Consolidation - – The latest surveys on enterprise security architecture shows that an average business has multiple standalone security solutions. Deployment, management and configuration of these solutions is time and resource consuming. As a result, it hampers threat detection and management.
  2. Zero Trust -The conventional approach of a business is always biased towards its employees ease of use and does not put strict restrictions on access to applications, systems and users. The Zero Trust Strategy does not provide any special privileges to the employees. Rather, it scans and manages the number of potential threats.
  3. Threat Prevention -The threat prevention mechanism is a process incorporated within the framework of an organization. It is predominantly focused on detecting possible threats and mitigating them at the source. The Security Architecture Management team identifies and neutralizes such threats and do not let such cyber threats breach the surface of the enterprise. Threat prevention is a very strategic approach and has positive outcomes compared to a reactive policy where the enterprise deploys tools, processes and technologies to respond to cyber threats. The clear demarcation between threat prevention and threat response has been made by Enterprise Security Architecture managers.
  • Enterprise Security Architecture – ITPN’s Professional Perspective

    ITPN’s suite of security solutions provides an organization with the tools that it needs to protect itself against the full range of cyber threats that it may face. ITPN offers advisory, consulting, and wide range of services, products, and certified IT security professionals, with pioneering expertise and rare experience to help our client's safeguard their critical assets (Infrastructure, Data, Identity & Access Management, Applications, and other Assets) by identifying, protecting, managing and adequately responding to security threats and incidents.




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