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Recover Data from Ransomware Attack – Importance of Cybersecurity Consultants

Ransomware is not the end of the line! It is not mandatory for you to pay a hefty ransom to get out of the debacle. Cybersecurity consultants across the globe are putting in their best efforts to bring amazing strategies and practices to minimize these risks. Despite the best efforts, if your business gets affected by ransomware, then you can take assistance of a top end cybersecurity consultant to bail you out of the problem. Your consultant will charge only a fraction of what you would end up paying in terms of ransom.

2021’s statistical reports suggest that every 11 seconds, one business fell prey to ransomware attacks. In 2022, the number reduced to below 10 seconds. Looking beyond 2023, experts suggest that the timeline would decrease and the number of instances of ransomware attacks will increase.

  • What are the steps to take if your business is affected by a ransomware attack?

  1. Contain the attack by disconnecting the infected devices from the main network
  2. Get in touch with a reliable cybersecurity consultant
  3. Avoid self-restoration techniques by using online manuals since Ransomware Recovery requires high level skills & training
  • How to identify a Ransomware attack?

    The most common indicator is a random screen which you cannot negotiate. Your efforts to negotiate past the screen and access your files becomes completely futile. The best practice is to prevent any knee jerk reaction and disconnect the system from the network. The next step would involve the lookout for a reliable cybersecurity service provider.

  • The most important steps to remember in the event of an attack

  1. Remain composed and calm and stop navigating the computer or laptop
  2. Do not pay any money to the ransomware attacker because it will lead to unnecessary monetary wastage
  3. Go through your recent data backups to identify the potential nature of losses
  4. Get in touch with a reliable Cybersecurity team

    A professional cybersecurity company has the potential to provide a realistic, full proof and affordable solution to a ransomware problem. Most guarantee 99% recovery of data since a 1% room for error is always prevalent in any damage recovery service.

    The steps involved in the process are

  1. Decryption
  2. File Recovery
  3. Volume Recovery
  4. Backup Recovery
  • Understanding the uniqueness of each ransomware recovery

    Each ransomware recovery process is unique and therefore the approach needs to be customized. A single approach towards ransomware recovery would result in incomplete recovery of data and leave loopholes in the network.

    The step by step recovery process employed by the cybersecurity consultants are

  • Consult –

    The cybersecurity will initially consult with the victim party and analyse the nature and extent of damage. This will be followed up with a next line of action in the form of formulating a plan of action. The initial plan is to detach the affected units from the network followed by securing the existing network and systems. The isolated systems are then inspected in detail.

  • Evaluate –

    The evaluation phase simply focuses on the files which need to be recovered. The evaluation phase also analyses the particular files which can be recovered. Junk files or unimportant files are identified and exempted from recovery.

  • Recover –

    Recover or recovery are the same thing. The process is plain and simple recovery of the lost files during the ransomware attack. The recovery process is carried out by expert data recovery engineers who know techniques to bypass the ransomware attacker and retrieve the lost data. Most cybersecurity consulting companies ensure 99 percent recovery of data.

  • Return –

    There are two modes of data recovery – Remote Recovery & Encrypted Media Recovery.

  • Choosing the right Ransomware Recovery Consultant

    The leading cybersecurity consultants across the world offer guaranteed ransomware data recovery. It is on the onus of the ransomware victims to make the right choice and get their data restored. While most reliable cybersecurity consultants have similar competencies in terms of data recovery, the tariffs may differ from one service provider to another.

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