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5 Major Cybersecurity Challenges which CISOs need to watch out for

Cybersecurity has always been a major area of concern for CISOs. As we enter the new year, the threat perception is already clear but the main challenge lies in defining the cybersecurity roadmap to minimize the threat surface and remediate the existing cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The alarm regarding cybersecurity threats is a result of cumulative threats faced in the past 3 years. In the first half of 2022 alone, there were approximately 2.8 billion malware attacks and 236.2 million ransomware attacks.

Keeping these startling figures into consideration, we must understand that the increase in maturity of cyber threats will result in the following –

  • The Diversified Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Ecosystem

    Analysts and experts estimate that the entire cybersecurity ecosystem would become more diversified. It implies that the nature of challenges will increase manifolds and cybersecurity agencies will find ways to secure systems against potential cyberattacks. Today, ‘Cybersecurity As a Service’ is highly sought after in the IT market. The frontline cybersecurity companies are engaging its consultants across a diverse range of companies to help them secure their online assets. In 2023, cyber attacks are expected to be more matured in approach and it will have the potential to creep into vulnerabilities.

  • Implementation of Compliance Oriented Cybersecurity Programs

    In 2023, it is quite evident that businesses will incorporate compliance-oriented cybersecurity programs. This will ensure that there is enterprise level adherence to certain practices which will enhance the security component of enterprises to a great extent. Businesses will mandatorily go for cybersecurity maturity assessment. This assessment will help cybersecurity consultants understand the cyber preparedness of their clients before offering any professional services. As a trend, businesses will always keep aside a budget for their cybersecurity programs.

  • AI and ML will outsmart Human Capabilities

    The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will trigger a wave of cyber attacks and countermeasures which would outsmart human wit. Today’s hackers will find newer ways to use AI and ML tools to architect their cyber attacks. To counter those threats, cybersecurity consultants will also develop highly advanced tools to counter those challenges. Eventually the expertise of AI and ML specialists in collab with cybersecurity experts will help build robust cybersecurity frameworks for enterprises which will be simply unbreachable.

  • More Attacks will be launched against Software Supply Chains

    The Software supply chains will witness more attacks from hackers who will be aiming to disrupt the core systems and networks. A sudden disruption in the supply chain would affect the industry on the whole and cause revenue losses worth millions of dollars. Hence, businesses must ensure various ways to safeguard their software supply chains against possible attacks.

  • AI Driven Arms Race

    The arms race is basically the competition between hackers and cybersecurity agencies in establishing supremacy over the other. Across the world, cybersecurity professionals are giving in their best to create the best algorithms to maximize the security quotient. The same logic is being applied by hackers to establish counter algorithms which would be used to compromise clouds, IT supply chains and security layers. In short, the race for establishing supremacy through AI for attacking and defensive roles will increase in 2023. AI will make a major impact in the spectrum of cybersecurity. As good news for the world business community, AI will strengthen cybersecurity postures across the industry.

  • Final Thoughts

    The cybersecurity spectrum of 2023 will see increased threats which needs to be addressed at the root level. Enterprise CISOs must always be ahead of their game and have a strong cybersecurity structure in place to ensure that the challenges are met fully in 2023.

  • Hiring the right security consultant

    Cybersecurity consultants will play a major role in 2023. It is extremely important to choose the right partner just to ensure that the right security practices are being incorporated within the enterprise. Plus, the leading-edge cybersecurity firms are aligned with industry best practices, leading technologies, advancements & research which ensures strong cyber resiliency.

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