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6 Rs of Cloud Migration Strategy – Get the right Cloud Migration Consultant

Cloud migration is a tech intensive process and requires high level of expertise for implementation. With a plethora of options available on the disposal of company managements, some choices need to be taken with caution. This discussion covers the 6 Rs of Cloud Migration. Plus, this writeup will also tell readers about the right approach while hiring a cloud consultant. First let us discuss the 6 key points of an effective cloud management strategy.

  • 1. Rehost

This is an effective migration strategy for clients who are planning to move their on premise Oracle Database to an EC2 instance in AWS with minimal efforts and hassles. Rehosting is easy since it does not require code level changes. It works like the lift and shift mechanism where the data assets are simply transferred to the cloud from the on premise host. Manual implementation of cloud migration is better option than using tools like CloudEndure Migration.

  • 2. Replatform

Replatform is a very highly modified version of rehosting. This technique enables certain configurational changes to the app to make them comfortable with the Cloud Environment. Developers commonly use this approach to alter the way it interacts with a given database. This is done to sync aps with managed platforms like Google CloudSQL. As an use case, our readers can refer to the success achieved by Pintrest. It used the lift, tinker and shift model to successfully increase infrastructure capacity by 80%.

  • 3. Re-Factor or Re-Architecture

This is a relatively more complicated version of Cloud migration. It involves rewriting applications from scratch to make them native to cloud. This strategy helps in full utilization of cloud native technologies like microservice architecture, containers, serverless, load balancers and function as a service. Refactoring the application ns make them agile, scalable, efficient and give optimum ROI returns in the long run. Netlfix achieved an 8x increase in the number of streaming members.

  • 4. Repurchase

Repurchase is also known as the drop and shop strategy! This strategy is simple as it replaces an on process app with vendor packaged cloud native software solution. In plain terms, one can say that repurchase simply means moving to a SAAS or Software as a Service. In practise, the on premise license is dropped and a fresh agreement is signed up with a cloud provider. The process is very quick, effective and removes a lot of unnecessary effort put forth in migration activities. AIR BNB used repurchase option by shifting completely to Amazon RDS. The entire migration to Amazon RDS resulted in a downtime of only 15 minutes.

  • 5. Retire

The retire is a strategy which would help you remove applications which are no longer productive or useful for your portfolio. As a result, the applications which are not worth the effort of cloud migration would be simply downsized or eliminated from the process. This process enables an auto audit of all processes within the framework. This is a passive strategy to make business processes faster and more efficient in terms of operational worthiness. However, retiring model helps enterprises save unnecessary migration costs by removing unwanted system processes. Autodesk used this model to successfully eliminate 209 application environments which minimized the attach surface. The migration of 239 applications was conducted with 97% cost efficiency.

  • 6. Retain

The concept of retain is pretty much self explanatory. Some technicians term retain as revisit since it involves revisiting some old applications of digital assets which require a large amount of refactoring before actually being migrated to a cloud environment. The process is widely applied in hybrid cloud environment by enterprises to ensure the continuity of business during large scale migrations which may even take a few years. There are two main advantages of revisiting or retaining. Number one; it offers the benefits of cloud. Number two; it keeps critical workloads and confidential data on premise.

  • Best practices for Cloud Migration

A sound cloud migration strategy is extremely important for enterprises to ensure successful cloud migration.

The process is divided between Pre – migration, During – migration and Post – migration

  • Pre-Migration process

  1. Be aware of your IT portfolio thoroughly by neatly examining the data applications and infrastructure
  2. Strategize the layout for the migration process
  3. Select the most reliable cloud migration partner
  4. Prepare the entire internal team for the overall migration process
  • During-Migration process

  1. Close monitoring and tracking of the migration process
  2. Enhance the deployment of automated tools and managed services from cloud service support providers
  • After-Migration process

  1. Conduct necessary validation tests to optimize the processes
  2. Work in coordination with Cloud migration partner to find loopholes

Cloud migration may be a complicated process but can be simplified with good knowledge and direction. However, this knowledge and direction can only be provided by a reliable knowledge partner like ITPN. ITPN offers end-to-end Infrastructure services that help organizations promptly respond to dynamic business needs through the adoption of the latest technology solutions, industry best practices, and modernization of IT Infrastructure. Whether you’ve yet to begin or have already started your Infrastructure Modernization initiative or Drive Maturity Advancement of ITSM or create a top-down Service-Oriented CMDB database or Build Resiliency into critical systems or Migrate to Cloud solutions or introduce IoT, ITPN will accelerate your company's transformation journey and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition. You can standardize, implement, and scale to new infrastructure solutions (IoT, Cloud and Hybrid, Traditional Inhouse) while integrating with your traditional on-prem IT infrastructure or upgrading the current infrastructure. ITPN can help you swiftly modernize your technical stack, migrate the right workloads, and help you securely manage your fusion environment. We will unlock the value of digital transformation to improve your company's insight, maximize value chains, improve agility, and reduce costs by optimizing the environment.




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