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Is Your Enterprise Ready for Digital Transformation? Get the right consultant to find the answers

Digital Technology is opening up newer avenues of business and is helping many enterprises outsmart their competitors. Digital transformation sounds promising but there is an underlying question which needs to be addressed first! Is your business ready enough to face digital transformation? Well, the answer to this question cannot be a simple no or yes. There are many factors which need to be taken into consideration and many pre digitization steps which need to be taken by companies before they can opt for Digital transformation. Plus, one needs to choose a Digital Transformation partner wisely since the partner would play a major role in making the program successful. Digital transformation consulting enables smoother business processes critical answers and prepares you to embrace large scale digitization for your business.

$3 Trillion is expected to be spent on Digital Transformation by 2025

Examining Organizational Readiness
Organizational readiness refers to the ability of an organization to accept and undergo digital transformation. In order to assess your organizational readiness, you need to ask a set of important questions. The answers to these questions are a giveaway to the actual state of readiness of your enterprise.

The most important questions or rather parameters wrt to Digital Transformation are

1. How can Digital Technology advance my core business
Digital technology should be compatible with the nature of your core business. Else the digital model will have a pseudo effect on your business and will result in the wastage of valuable resources. Not all businesses run well on Digital technology. However, there are the ones which get 3X growth with a simple digital model. the challenge lies in understanding the compatibility of digital with your business.

2. Should I invest in a Digital Upgrade or invest on a complete Digital Transformation Project
There is a major difference between an upgrade and a full transformation program. An upgrade will simply mean a modification of an existing system or platform. The Digital transformation program is an extensive program which will involve the entire workforce, technology and existing business platforms. Digital transformation is time consuming and requires substantial monetary investments.

3. How can I organize my internal team for the upgrade or transformation
The internal team needs to be ready for the transformation program. Your Digital transformation partner will ensure that your team is fully ready for the program by ensuring the right training and orientation on Digital processes and technologies. Once the formal training is done, the Digital transformation program can be initiated.

4. How will I measure the value of my enterprise’s performance from Digital Transformation
The measurement of performance of a Digital transformation program is extremely important to understand the success of the program. There are multiple metrics to measure the performance. The most common monitoring platforms are analytics powered dashboards, reports, charts and data which are reflective of business performance. IT digital transformation is measurable, accurate, predictable.

Choosing the Right Digital Consultant

It is the most important step and a challenge for an enterprise to find the right partner. The right partner can handhold a successful digital transformation program. Plus, the right program partner will ensure that your monetary resources are utilized properly. A partner like ITPN can help you achieve the right strategies and capabilities to grow your business digitally. Digital transformation solutions act as a catalyst for business growth when applied in the right direction.

About ITPN

As the demand posture and channels of interlock shift more towards new digital medium and interactive experiences, organizations struggle with how to transform internally to meet the challenges of evolving customer journeys and consumption patterns, emerging technology trends, and the connected digital world. ITPN enables organizations to create an engaging leading-edge platform and consistent digital experiences across every touchpoint thus generating new growth opportunities.




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