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The Growing Role Of Business Process Automation In The Hybrid Workplace Of Today And Tomorrow

The Harris Poll survey – Accelerating Automation: How Businesses are Adapting to a Post-COVID World – reveals that 92% of business stalwarts believe that business process automation is essential for enterprises to sustain and flourish.

As an enterprise, it is important to assess the growing importance of business process automation in this "new normal" workspace.

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the automation of enterprise workflow processes with the help of technology to reduce costs, reduce errors, and increase productivity. From customer service to creating an employee-friendly work environment, business process automation can have great advantages in many areas of the hybrid enterprise.

Why Adopting Business Process Automation Can Be Revolutionary For Hybrid Workplaces?

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Most enterprises are now prioritizing employee comfort and satisfaction as they are integral to overall productivity. Various studies show that a vast majority of high-growth companies are inclined towards the concept of "productivity anywhere" workspaces. This flexibility of hybrid workplaces is highly empowering, and business process automation can make this effort even more successful.

The conditions are just right. The move to remote working and the overwhelming adoption of the cloud made several enterprise processes digital. The cloud removed data siloes and created several opportunities for intra and inter-departmental collaboration by providing easy access to digital tools. It’s but a carefully calibrated step from there to an enterprise where business processes are automated allowing for seamless workflows and data access.

To ensure that all your workplace processes run smoothly, business process automation should connect all your workplace processes irrespective of where your people are. Some of the most important advantages of business process automation for enterprises today are:

  • Easily Meet Growth Objectives

The objective of every business is to grow. Whether you want to generate more revenue or spread your company's objective to a wider audience, business automation has a bunch of tools that can come to your assistance. The initial cost of automation can be a little towards the higher side, but the risk of not investing in automation is significantly crucial – more so if your competitors have already started adopting the change.

Business process automation can ensure that your company continues to meet its growth objective with each passing year, making it thoroughly future-proof.

  • Maximum Productivity In Less Time

To match the expected productivity level of your company, all the employees need to be working at a certain efficiency. This is possible with automation. Business process automation ensures that you can streamline workflows to handle issues without spending much time on them. Automation can even nullify the impact of the lack of a few employees if implemented right.

  • Employee-Friendly Workplace

As an enterprise, it is your prime responsibility to ensure that your employees are completely satisfied in the workplace. Overworking can have a major impact on the stress level of your employees. But if you have business process automation in place, it can benefit your working environment by doing away with redundant tasks.

As the work-life balance of your employees can be better maintained, you will also notice an improvement in your employee retention. When you support your employees by automating repetitive or menial tasks, they will spend more time achieving other business goals.

  • An Edge Over Competitors

Maintaining a good performance and great employee satisfaction is the primary objective of businesses. But to sustain themselves in the industry, enterprises also need to have an edge over their competitors.

With business process automation, enterprises can ensure that they have a smooth flow of information within the business, a better security system, seamless integration with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, etc. Implementing experienced automation in the workplace can help you get detailed information on your business performance and further develop a strategy to get ahead of the competition.

Thus, hybrid workplaces are indeed offering fertile ground for business process automation. Remember:

  • Automation enhances the value.
  • Automation generates new ways of creating differentiated experiences.
  • Automation offers transparency and security, along with the emergence of personal data twins (PDTs).
  • Automation creates an adaptive enterprise with an adaptive workforce in a disrupted workspace.

Hybrid Workplace, Automated

While automation is bringing disruption in the workspace, enterprises need to look at the bigger picture. Change in the work culture is not new, as we recently witnessed during the global pandemic. Experts believe that this adopted change to hybrid workplaces is here to stay, and the best choice is to evolve our technologies in line with it.

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Hybrid workplaces require:

  • Constant connectivity
  • Complete transparency
  • Instant accessibility

All these factors are easily enabled by business process automation solutions. You can fully integrate your ERP with industry-grade applications, implement enhanced security solutions, have a personalized workflow, save your resources and expense, while having employee reminders, and a lot more with automation. With intelligent automation in enterprise processes, you can ensure getting work done with optimal resources.

No matter the industry, automation provides a plethora of opportunities for the future. It is easy to implement, adapt, and practice as a part of your workplace processes. ITPN is one of the leading global information technology firms catering to Fortune 500 and other companies across the USA and Europe. Connect with us for more insights on digital transformation, business automation, and IT security services.




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