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The application security challenge in today's enterprises

In a report titled 'The State of Application Security in 2021', Barracuda found that 44% of the respondents were the victims of bot attacks and successful security breaches in their organization's applications in the past year. On average, most respondent organizations had a security breach due to an application vulnerability twice in the past 12 months.

The application security challenge seems to be massive as in the same study, 72% of respondents claimed to have had at least one security breach due to application vulnerability. 32% of respondents faced two data breaches while 14% were breached three times.

The rapid shift to work from home and a spike in the use of remote applications have also intensified the issue of application security. So, what's the solution?

Aligning security teams with software development goals

Traditional security teams are mostly on-premise and centralized. Based on the company's policies and procedures, they create applications that suit the environment in the "right" way. This approach, however, may not be working out for companies in the digital age.

Today application developers have a lot on their plate apart from security that seems to be more demanding. Some organizations even look at security as a roadblock to maximizing go-to-market. At this time, it is necessary to incorporate application security as a part of the software development process and keep monitoring it throughout. Not just the technology, the whole security culture should change.

But what's the immediate solution? You can seek the right solutions for application security from a reliable organization with the skills and the experience to cater to all your requirements.

Core enterprise application security features

Core enterprise application security features that ITPN offers

  • Integrated AppDefense framework

The tightly integrated AppDefense framework is a holistic security application that can implement secure coding practices, scan for vulnerabilities across the infrastructure stack, and apply the right protection whenever needed.

To accelerate the agile methodology, AppDefense also has modern and automated techniques that enable continuous integrations. It can help enterprises get high-quality security at an affordable budget. The AppDefense framework is designed for complete security as it constantly monitors the applications for any trace of threats, and takes prompt action upon identification.

  • Vulnerability Scanning-Manual/Automated (SAST, DAST, IAST)

By scanning through all the vulnerabilities, we can detect the exposed interfaces of an application. This approach incorporates different testing strategies like Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), and Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

SAST tools analyze the source code of the application to help developers find loopholes in their code. DAST tests a working application for vulnerabilities and goes from outside to inside. According to Gartner, IAST is the security testing approach for the next generation of mobile and web applications with enhanced accuracy.

  • Threat Modelling and Analysis

Microsoft describes threat modeling as one of the major activities in its Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL). Threat modeling facilitates a structured representation of all data that can impact the security of an application by capturing, organizing, and analyzing this data. The main objective is to improve security by identifying vulnerabilities.

Upon identification, the threats are thoroughly analyzed to profile them. This way, professionals can gather more information about the threat, and develop a projection of further potential threats. The next step of threat analysis involves determining the vulnerability and creation of disaster scenarios to get better threat remediation solutions.

  • Threat Remediation

After accurate threat modeling and analysis, comes threat remediation. This is the process to resolve the identified threats that could have infiltrated your system.

Partners like ITPN have vulnerability management systems and frameworks like AppDefense to ensure that these vulnerabilities are detected and removed in the early product development cycle. That continues offering support to remediate vulnerabilities at all levels, always.

Apart from these premium services, ITPN ensures core application security by implementing secure code best practices and code quality reviews at every step. This helps the developers to identify the loopholes in the initial stage of application development. Enterprises get the ability to focus on the continuous improvement of their security infrastructure. There must be allocations for training in a comprehensive security strategy too. Our expertise lies in the Application security architects, AppSec Solution engineers, and tools experts.

Here are the core security features that all enterprises need to tackle the application security challenges.

  • Adapting security as an enterprise culture

A good security culture focuses on maintaining overall security through professionals while giving the easiest work environment to the employees. The key is to adapt this culture throughout the enterprise, without being selective when it comes to data security. Your financial details are as important as the personal data of your employees. Inculcate this learning as a culture, and you will immediately find yourself in a more secure environment.


It won't be an overstatement to suggest that the challenge of maintaining application security is one of the prime concerns of enterprises now. Every organization realizes that there is no shortcut to security. They know that they need to take proactive steps and collaborate with professionals who can offer them the best security services.

But getting the right IT solutions can sometimes make the budget explode. Not with ITPN! We offer strategic application security with our years of experience so that all business risks are tackled aptly. The integrated AppDefense framework is our leading-edge proprietary approach to design a secure technical architecture and offers great protection against vulnerabilities. Connect with us to know more about our service offerings!




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