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ITPN’s industry leading ITSM / CMDB experts have pioneering experience in implementing top down CMDB solution thus: Improving quality, availability and stability of business-critical systems and services Use ITPN utility to find missing CIs; eliminate duplicate CIs; integrate with third-party systems Providing accurate and current details on each configuration item (CI) that are important to achieve high service uptime and help identify single points of failure Better categorization (based on risk and impact) and management of changes Significantly improve change success rate and reduce change related incidents Reducing mean time to restore (MTTR) the system and resolve root cause Improve Incident & Problem Management process Reviewing associated ITSM processes and recommending improvement to ensure continuous and timely update of CIs to always reflect true current state of the environment. Improve resiliency of components across the technical stack Enable identification of opportunities for asset rationalization, CI optimization, modernization and intelligent automation, Successful business continuity and DR See attached File
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